Past Shows


November 10 - Capital Complex, Fredericton NB w/ Taco Supreme

Oct 28 - Pub Down Under, Saint John NB
Sept 16 - Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, Fredericton NB
Sept 11 - Picaroons General Store, Saint John NB
Aug 20 - Rising Tides festival, Alma NB
Aug 13 - Peppers Pub, Saint John NB
Aug 12 - Larlee Creek Hullabaloo, Perth-Andover NB
Aug 5 - Herrings Nest Bistro Pub, Charlo NB
Aug 4 - Whalens Barn, Miramichi
Aug 1 - Boardwalk Stage, Saint John NB
July 30 - St Andrews, Private Party
July 29 - Red Herring, St Andrews NB
July 22 - Dooryard Arts Festival, Woodstock NB
July 16 - Private Event, Parkindale NB
July 10 - Evolve Festival, Beersville, NB
June 26 - Folly Fest, Gagetown NB
May 19 - Paddlefest, Kingsbrae Gardens, St. Andrews NB
May 7 - Plan B, Moncton NB
Apr 16 - Vinyl Barn, Record Store Day, St Stephen NB (1:30 pm)
Apr 8 - St Stephen Coffee House, St. Stephen NB (SOLD OUT)
Apr 2nd - Uncle G's, Sussex NB
Mar 25 - Red Herring, St Andrews NB
Feb 19 - The Capital, Fredericton NB (SOLD OUT)
Jan 22 - Seahorse Tavern, Halifax NS
Jan 9 - Crabbe Mountain, Fredericton NB


Dec 20th - Feels Good Holiday Party, Fredericton NB

Dec 12th - Private House Show, NB

Dec 6th - BBAM Gallery, Montreal Que

​Dec 5th - Avant Garde Bar, Ottawa Ont

Dec 3rd - The Spill, Peterborough Ont

Dec 4th - Cage 292, Toronto Ont

Nov 29th - The Fireside, Kitchener Ont

​Nov 28th - Van Gogh's Ear, Guelph Ont

Nov 27th - M Bar, Montreal Que

Nov 21st - Red Herring Pub, St. Andrews NB

Nov 20th - Red Herring Pub, St. Andrews NB

Nov 6th - The Capital, Fredericton NB

Oct 30th - Pub Down Under, Saint John NB

Oct 23rd - Private House Show, Halifax NS
Oct 17th - MNB Festival 506 Showcase, Tide and Boar, Moncton NB

Sept 26th - Baba's Lounge, Charlottetown PEI

Sept 25th - Plan B, Moncton NB
Sept 18th - Harvest Jazz and Blues, Fredericton NB (Sold Out)

August 15th - Free School, Falls Brook Centre, Glassville NB

August 8th - Red Herring Pub, St. Andrews NB

August 8th - Messtival, Petticodiac NB

August 7th - Red Herring Pub, St. Andrews NB

​July 30th - Officer’s Square, Fredericton NB

July 25th - Private House Party, Quispamsis NB

July 11th - Evolve, Antigonish NS

July 3rd - Peppers, Saint John NB

July 1st - Red Herring, St. Andrews NB
July 1st - Officer’s Square, Fredericton NB

June 28th - Folly Fest, Gagetown NB

June 6th - MNB Local Radio Conference, Saint John NB

May 21st - Plan B, Halifax NB

May 15th - Paddlefest, St. Andrews NB

April 26th - Freddy Clean Up Afternoon, Fredericton NB

April 10th - ECMW - Slaight Music Rising Star Showcase, The Ship Inn, St John's NFLD 
April 11th - ECMW - Music/Musique NB Stage, The Fat Cat, St John's NFLD

April 13th - ECMW Soundwaves Program, St John's NFLD

March 21st - The Cellar, Fredericton NB

March 13th - St. Stephen Coffee House, St. Stephen NB (solo)

​March 13th - Saint John Ale House, Saint John NB (solo)

Feb 21st - Saint John Writer’s Guild, Saint John NB (solo)

Feb 13th - Harvest Winter Blues, James Joyce Pub, Fredericton NB

Jan 7th - Plan B, Moncton NB


Nov 28th - Cellar Pub, Fredericton NB

Oct 25th - The Red Herring Pub, St. Andrews NB 
Oct 24th - The Red Herring Pub, St. Andrews NB
Oct 17th - Music NB Week, Wilser's Room, Fredericton NB

​​*'Such Nice Boys' Tour

Oct 11th - Brew Bus Lounge, Ottawa ON*

Oct 10th - 3030 Dundas West, Toronto ON*

Oct 9th - Van Gogh's Ear, Guelph ON*

Oct 8th - Fireside House Show, Kitchener ON*

Oct 6th - The Spill, Peterborough ON*

Oct 5th - The Grand Barn, Vankleek Hill ON*

Oct 4th - Oktoberfest Busking, Vankleek Hill ON*
Oct 3rd - Busking, Montreal QUE*
Sept 7th - Harvey Hall (Green Party Event), Alma NB
Sept 11th - Harvest Jazz and Blues, Wilser's Room, Fredericton NB

Sept 11th - Harvest Jazz and Blues, Capital Complex, Fredericton NB
Sept 12th - Harvest Jazz and Blues Galaxie Rising Star, Fredericton NB
Sept 27th - Private Show, Amherst NS
Sept 20th - Private Show, Durham Bridge NB

Aug 22nd - Falls Brook Free School, Knowlesville NB

Aug 21st - Rockstone Cafe (Green Party Event), Fredericton NB

Aug 16th - Collaborate & Listen, Kingston NB
Aug 2nd - Kingston Market, Kingston NB

July 22nd - The Capital (Rock The Vote), Fredericton NB

July 18th-20th - Busker Fest, Saint John NB

July 14th - Evolve Festival, Antigonish NS

July 13th - Evolve Festival, Antigonish, NS

July 6th - Afternoon Delight, Penobsquis NB

July 5th - Ocean's of Ink, Sussex NB

July 5th - King's Square, Saint John NB

July 4th - The Red Herring, St Andrews NB

June 27th - FeelsGood Folly Fest, Village of Gagetown NB

June 20th - Midsummer Madness, Kingston NB

June 6th - Ham Jam, Kars NB 

April 22nd - York St Liquor Store, Fredericton NB

April 20th - Earthbound Trio/Dub Kartel, Seahorse, Halifax NS

April 19th - Red Herring, St Andrews NB

April 18th - Red Herring, St Andrews NB

April 12th - Capital, Fredericton NB

April 11th - Peppers, Saint John NB

April 5th - Big Orange Lunchbox, Charlottetown PEI

April 4th - Babas Lounge, Charlottetown PEI

​April 3rd - Fishbones Oyster Bar, Charlottetown PEI 
March 15th -  Earthbound Trio/Jinx the Cat/Gordon Gets Lost, Moncton NB
March 14th - Adairs Lodge, Sussex NB
March ​1st - Plan b, Moncton NB
Feb 28th - Cellar, Fredericton NB

Feb 22nd - Oceans of Ink, Sussex NB

Feb 21st - Steamers, Saint John NB

Feb 1st - Governors Pub, Sydney NS

Jan 31st - Seahorse, Halifax NS
Jan 24th - Ski Wentworth, Wentworth NS

Jan 18th - Hunters Ale House, Charlottetown PEI

Jan 17th - Funk Factory, Saint John NB

Jan 11th - Plan b, Moncton NB

Jan 10th - OC Nightclub, Moncton NB 

Jan 4th -  Red Herring, St Andrews NB

Jan 3rd - Red Herring, St Andrews NB


Dec 6th - Capital Complex, Fredericton NB
Dec 7th - Nirvana Cafe, Fredericton NB
Dec 7th - Pepper's Pub, Saint John NB
Dec 14th - Paul's Wharf, St George NB
Dec 20th - Baba's Lounge, Charlottetown PEI
Dec 22nd - Feels Good Xmas Bash, Wilser's Room, Fredericton NB

​Nov 1st - Red Herring, St Andrews NB
Nov 2nd - Red Herring, St Andrews NB
Nov 15th - The Phunk Phactory, Saint John NB
Nov 16th - The Cellar Pub, UNB Fredericton NB
Nov 22nd - Plan b, Moncton NB

Aug 9th - Messtival, Anagance NB
Aug 16th - Paul's Wharf, St George NB
Aug 17th - Red Herring, St Andrews NB
Aug 24th - Art Jam, Saint John Marina, Saint John NB

​July 5th - Pepper's Pub, Saint John NB
July 5th - Salty Jam, Saint John NB w/ Two Hours Traffic and Hey Rosetta!
July 6th - Kings Square, Saint John, NB
July 6th - Hunters Ale House, Charlottetown PEI
July 13th - Feels Good Houseboat Party, Fredericton NB
July 14th - Afternoon Delight, Penobsquis NB
July 21st - Evolve Festival (2 sets) , Antigonish NS
July 27th - Falls Brook Centre Free School, Centreville NB

June 28th - Folly Fest, Gagetown NB

June 15th - Pauls Wharf, St George NB

June 8th - Ham Jam, Kars NB

June 1st - Rock Bottom Brewpub, Halifax NS

May 31st - Split Crow Pub, Truro NS

May 25th - Shiretown Pub, Hampton NB

May 22nd - Olearys Pub, Saint John NB

May 17th - Sweet Harvest Market for Paddlefest, St Andrews NB

May 4th - Baba's Lounge, Charlottetown PEI
May 3rd - Barrels Head Gastropub, Rothesay NB

April 28th - Gus' Pub, Halifax NS

April 27th - Governor's Pub, Sydney NS

April 26th - Plan b, Moncton NB

April 25th - Sanctuary Theatre, Saint John NB

April 21st - Capital Complex, Fredericton NB

April 20th - Red Herring Pub, St Andrews NB

April 19th - Red Herring Pub, St Andrews NB

April 12th - Pepper's Pub, Saint John NB

April 6th - Private Birthday show, Fredericton NB
April 5th - Shiretown Pub, Hampton, NB
March 9th - ECMW MNB Stage Showcase, Pogue Fado, Halifax NS
March 8th - ECMW Members Lounge, Halifax NS

March 8th - Rock Bottom Brewpub, Halifax NS 

March 1st - The Cellar Pub, UNB Fredericton NB
Feb 23rd - Kent Theatre, Saint John NB

Feb 22nd - Pepper's Pub, Saint John NB

Feb 16th - Nirvana Cafe, Fredericton NB

Feb 15th - Capital Complex, Fredericton NB

Feb 2nd - Hunters Ale House, Charlottetown PEI

Feb 2nd - Back Alley Music, Charlottetown PEI 
Feb 1st - UPEI Campus, Charlottetown PEI
Jan 26th - Plan b, Moncton NB

Jan 19th - Private Party, Moncton NB
Jan 18th - Shiretown Pub, Hampton NB
Jan 12th - Baba's Lounge, Charottetown PEI
Jan 11th - Pickles Deli, Sackville NB